Make sure to take a look at our "Heavy Rotation" menu items when making your Tenroku Mush-Up reservation.

From the fishing town of Uwakai—the birthplace of KAIJUO’s owner Masatoshi Ashida—to fishing harbors around the country, Tenroku Mush-Up offers seasonal ingredients from as far north as Hokkaido and as far south as Miyazaki on the island of Kyushu.
Our sashimi comes from fish caught in the waters around Awaji Island and Akashi and prepared using the “Ikejime” technique.


The venison used at Tenroku Mush-Up comes from Matsuno-cho in the mountains of Ehime—where the owner was born—and is processed within 2 hours.
From carefully selected steaks to internal organs, the venison is used in a variety of dishes.

For meat, we use raw lamb meat from Hokkaido, “Himekko” chicken and aged pheasant meat from Ehime, wild boar from Tottori, and Wagyu beef and Kawachi duck from Nose in Osaka. We also purchase pork and Wagyu beef from Kyushu.
Our hot pot made with whole Nagoya Cochin chicken (reservation required) is especially popular.
To round things off, enjoy a bowl of Akita Inaniwa ramen (a rare find in Kansai). Come and give our dishes a taste!


Our customers range from regulars who dine with us every day to customers who come only once a month to enjoy our seasonal dishes. We have also seen an increase in family groups in recent years.
Our dishes earn us a high repeat rate with more than 80% of our customers coming back again.

Without a doubt, the customer is king at Tenroku Mush-Up. (In Japanese, “O” means “king.”) Our staff works every day as a team to create a comfortable environment where customers can come and have fun.
We know we are not perfect, but we are happy to do everything in our power to make your meal enjoyable, so don’t hesitate to tell us how we can better serve you.
Our goal is to create a food wonderland that only changes for the better over the years. We look forward to having you as we continue to expand our one-of-a-kind family restaurant and Japanese-style pub.
Masatoshi Ashida, Owner