How to Enjoy KAIJUO

KAIJUO: Fun for Everyone!

Point 1

Enjoy a night out with friends at KAIJUO’s Enkai Mush-Up

If you’re looking for special night out with only your best friends, this private party room is just what you need!

Point 1

Fun for two at KAIJUO’s Seishundo

Enjoy the tastes of high-quality noodles served in the best soup stock carefully prepared and so delicious your taste buds will crave more!

Point 1

Delicious dinner for one at KAIJUO’s Strike-ken

We recommend either the “Fastball” or the “Sinker”!
Warm up your soul with a delicious bowl of ramen!

Point 1

Fun for two at KAIJUO’s Tenroku Mush-Up

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a drink to smooth melodies.
Tenroku Mush-Up is perfect for girls crazy about seafood!

Enjoy the tastes of the Seven Seas!
From delicious seafood to succulent game meat, Umi-no-ie Tenroku Mush-Up is a Japanese-style pub paradise with a sake sommelier and a “BBQ instructor” at the helm.

Here, you’re the king.
You and your court of up to 6 friends will be our only guests.
Treat yourself to a chartered room for you to do with as you please.
We will be happy to make whatever your heart desires!

Strike-ken is the Koshien Championship of ramen!
Our goal is to bring our ramen to everyone around the world.
Our dream begins today!
With as many varieties of ramen as pitches in baseball, embarking on a ramen pilgrimage will take me beyond Osaka to every corner of Japan and possibly the world! On August 8, 2013 (also known as Showa 88 here in Japan), the Koshien Championship (Japanese High School Baseball Championship) began.
Our address includes “8-8.”
And so it was that on the eighth day of that eight month, our legend began...

We put the utmost care into offering only the best ingredients.

Come and enjoy a transcendent bowl of carefully prepared ramen.