About Enkai Mush-Up

Restaurant Concept

One step up from Tenroku Mush-Up, Enkai Mush-Up is a members-only charter bar where guests are welcome to bring in their own alcohol and deserts.

*To enjoy Enkai Mush-Up, one must first become a regular customer of Tenroku Mush-Up.

Cooking Concept

We aim to offer the freshest cuisine to our customers.
Sashimi is cut to order: fresh is the only way.

Course menu only
All you can drink (incl. cover charge): ¥2,000 for 2.5 hours
Time extension: +¥1,000 per hour 

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Special Features of Enkai Mush-Up

Owner-selected sake from around Japan

Our owner is a kikizake-shi (similar to a sake sommelier). We only offer sake that he’s personally selected at breweries throughout Japan.

  • ● We choose sake that goes well with seafood, our main attraction.
  • ● We go directly to breweries to purchase sake that can’t be found (or is rare) in Osaka.
  • ● Our kikizake-shi owner makes sure to only offer sake at the height of its flavor.
  • ● Sometimes brewers will come to Tenroku Mush-Up and select sake for us that fits our food and concept.
  • ● Sake from a certain area is often most compatible with ingredients from that same area, so we do our best to provide sake tailored to the locality of our cooking.
  • ● We can also provide recommended drinks with the theme of a specific brewery upon request.

True deliciousness in a private space limited to two groups of customers per day

Enkai Mush-Up is perfect for the following:

  • ● Guests looking for a more authentic experience
  • ● Guests who prefer private gatherings
  • ● Guests looking for a more refined Tenroku Mush-Up experience
  • ● Guests looking to spend a leisurely evening with close friends

Restaurant Information

Enkai Mush-Up

Address: Classified

Tel.: 06-6351-3106

Hours: Not set

Closed irregularly
*Closed Obon and New Year’s holidays (Call for details.)

Capacity: 8
Credit cards accepted (VISA, MasterCard, American Express)

Terms and Conditions: Available for use by regular Tenroku Mush-Up customers only (enforced through the honor system)
Limited to 2 private groups (of at least 6 people each) per day

One staff member from Tenroku Mush-Up or Strike-ken will be available.