Course Menu

Offering only a course menu, Enkai Mush-Up is open for reservations of groups of 6 or more.
We also offer different courses depending on the season, allowing customers to enjoy only the freshest ingredients.
Other options besides the courses listed below available based on budget and requests. Feel free to contact us!
Generally speaking, food and drink at Enkai Mush-Up averages between ¥5,000 and ¥7,000.

All you can drink (incl. cover charge): ¥2,000 for 2.5 hours / Time extension: +¥1,000 per hour

All-You-Can-Drink Menu

We offer Suntory The Premium Malt’s on tap and Hakushu Highball at the ready.
Drinks are self-serve, so step right up and wet your whistle!
Whether you’re looking for a stein or a sake cup or even a wine glass, we’ve got you covered.

Our owner is a kikizake-shi (similar to a sake sommelier). We only offer sake that he’s personally selected at breweries throughout Japan.

  • ● Kikizake-shi Selection (6 high-quality, carefully selected regional sake)
  • ● Suntory The Premium Malt’s
  • ● Hakushu Highball
  • ● Hakushu Sonic (Soda & Tonic)
  • ● Hiliki Chu-Hi (Plain, Lemon, Grapefruit, Calpis, Iyokan)
  • ● Distilled Spirits (Wheat: Gin no Mizu / Potato: Kojika)
  • ● Oolong Tea
  • ● Green Tea
  • ● POM Orange Juice
  • ● Cola
  • ● Hokkyokusei Wine (white or red)

*Please ask the staff for any other drink requests.
*Outside drinks and desserts are allowed.
*All drinks are self-serve.
*Leftover drinks are prohibited.

Restaurant Information

Enkai Mush-Up

Address: Classified

Tel.: 06-6351-3106

Business hours: No set time

Closed irregularly
*Closed Obon and New Year’s holidays (Call for details.)

Capacity: 8
Credit cards accepted (VISA, MasterCard, American Express)

Terms and Conditions: Available for use by regular Tenroku Mush-Up customers only (enforced through the honor system)
Limited to 2 private groups (of at least 6 people each) per day

One staff member from Tenroku Mush-Up or Strike-ken will be available.