Privacy Policy

KAIJUO Co., Ltd. (hereafter the Company), based on our management philosophy and our unique code of conduct, strives to conduct business activities that meet Company expectations while contributing to society and earning the trust of our customers.
The Company recognizes not only the value of personal information obtained from stakeholders through business activities but also the potential for this information as a source of new value creation for the Company. As such, we will properly protect all personal information according to the following basic policy.

1. Basic Policy

The Company will comply with the Private Information Protection Law as well as any and all related laws and regulations.
The Company has assigned an administrator responsible for handling personal information in each department and constructed a system for proper management of personal information. Under such a system, we will ensure all officers and employers are aware of Company rules while continually striving to ensure compliance.
The Company will handle personal information within a range of use clearly specified to customers. In addition, we will not disclose or provide personal information provided by customers to a third party unless customer consent has been received or unless there is a justifiable reason for doing so.
In addition to keeping personal information accurate and up to date, the Company will strive to prevent unauthorized access to as well as leakage, loss, damage, etc., of personal information by continually improving information security and rectifying any issues that arise.
The Company will address all inquiries, requests for disclosure, and other requests regarding customers’ personal information promptly and without equivocation.

2. Purpose of Personal Information Usage

The Company’s purpose for using the personal information it possesses is as follows.

(1) Personal information regarding customers
  • - Product delivery
  • - Transmission of information on products, services, and points of interest
  • - Handling of inquiries/consultations
  • - Product development, survey questionnaire collection, and monitoring
  • - Execution of agreements
  • - Customer negotiations, meetings, etc.
(2) Personal information regarding shareholders
  • - Exercising of rights and fulfillment of obligations under laws and regulations
  • - Providing various accommodations (including various shareholder benefit plans)
  • - Implementation of various shareholder policies (questionnaires, etc.)
  • - Shareholder management under laws and regulations (including creation of shareholder data)
(3) Personal information regarding government officials and civil servants
  • - Communication, reporting, inquiries, etc., to governing agencies necessary for business
(4) Personal information regarding officers and employees of suppliers and other companies
  • - Various communication and negotiations necessary for business
  • - Supplier information management and payment/income processing
(5) Personal information commissioned from suppliers
  • - Execution of agreements related to commissioned work
(6) Personal information regarding applicants for employment
  • - Offering/contacting applicants for employment (including internships) regarding employment information, etc.
  • - Management of applicants for employment at the Company

Personal information defined in (3) and (4) above may be obtained through purchases of market rosters, etc.
Generally speaking, personal information defined in (5) above will not be subject to disclosure.

When receiving personal information from customers for particular products or services, the Company will clearly state the purpose of use of such personal information in advance.
Personal information provided to the Company will be used within the scope of the intended use.
Should the need to use personal information beyond the explicit purpose arise, the Company will contact the customer to that effect and only use the information after receiving expressed consent. Personal information obtained through commission from another company will be used within the scope of the agreement with the consignor.

3. Provision of Personal Information

The Company, excluding the following cases, will not disclose or provide customers’ personal information to a third party.

  • - With the consent of the customer
  • - Per applicable laws and regulations
  • - When necessary for the protection of life, health, or property in the event that obtaining customer consent has not been granted.
  • - When commissioning the handling of personal information for use within the scope necessary to achieve the intended use
  • - In the event of a business succession due to a merger, split, business transfer, or other reason

In cases where the Company deems it necessary to comply with requests from affiliate companies or agents, including when responding to inquiries from customers regarding products, repairs, and services, the Company may provide a customer’s name, address, telephone number, or other information to the affiliated company or other entity upon receiving your consent.

4. Inquiries regarding Personal Information

For inquiries and complaints from customers regarding their personal information, we ask that these inquiries/complaints be submitted to the appropriate contact for the individual product/service to which the customer’s personal information has been registered.
In order to accurately understand the details regarding a customer’s request, phone calls between the Company and the customer may be recorded.

5. Company Website

- Notes on usage of the Company’s services
Please note that some services offered by the Company (including services offered through any website managed by the Company) cannot be utilized without the customer providing personal information.
- Cookies and web beacons
The Company may use cookies and web beacons in an effort to provide better services through our website.
- Links
The Company is not responsible for ensuring the security of personal information on websites accessed through links on the Company website. Please verify the privacy policy regarding personal information on the company website being linked to.

6. Revisions

The Company may revise this personal information protection policy in order to better protect your personal information or in response to changes in applicable laws and regulations.