Question: What is KAIJUO’s objective?
At KAIJUO, the food we prepare is steeped in the warm emotions and sentiment of the committed craftsmen and fishermen (hunters) we work hard to build relationships with.
As professional cooks who understand and appreciate the ingredients and tools required, our staff aims to provide all customers with novel approaches and fresh discoveries through our food while taking special care for the preparation and delivery of our dishes.
Question: Do you have any specifically outlined goals?
Yes, of course!
We aim to bring the dreams shared by our staff members to life one by one through teamwork. However, because many of these goals are time-sensitive, we will dedicate all our strength to achieving these goals.
Question: Who is the KAIJUO (literally, the “surf and turf” king)?
To be honest, we aren’t really sure.
Feel free to submit your thoughts on who the KAIJUO is!

About Tenroku Mush-Up

Question: Why is there a curtain from a public bath with “Yu” written on it hanging above the entrance to the restaurant?
Back when most houses didn’t have baths, the public bathhouse was a communication hub for the town. That tradition, however, is slowly fading.
Tenroku Mush-Up aims to preserve that valuable sense of communication by being the best warm sake bar. We use the hanging curtain as the embodiment of this goal.
Question: I often pass by Tenroku Mush-Up, but my courage fails me just outside the curtain and I don’t go in. What should I do to work up the courage to come inside?
You just got to grab hold of your courage and dive in! Once inside, you’ll see the paradise you’ve been missing.
If your courage still fails you, grab a friend and try it together!
Question: What is behind the name “Mush-Up”?
Around the time of our founding, one of the restaurant owner’s hobbies was listening to reggae records. The Jamaican tunes left a feeling of excitement and energy, as if everything were “mushing up” to the surface, and we decided to use “Mush-Up” as our name.
Around that same time, screenwriter Kankuro Kudo’s “Kisarazu Cat's Eye,” which tells the story of a young man diagnosed with terminal cancer who decides to make something of the time he has left, was a big hit, and we wanted to share our excitement with the Tenjinbashi 6-chome area. And so, by adding on “Tenroku” to the restaurant name, Tenroku Mush-Up was born.
Officially, however, the name of the restaurant is “Umi-no-ie Tenroku Mush-Up.” The first part of the name comes from a longing to have a beach hut (“umi no ie” in Japanese) here in Tenroku.
Question: How much should I expect to spend at Tenroku Mush-Up?
On average, those coming in to eat and drink before 9:30 pm can expect to pay around ¥5,000. Customers who eat and drink a lot can expect to pay around ¥8,000.
After 9:30 pm, the average price drops to between ¥2,000 and ¥4,000.
Question: I’ve never been to Tenroku Mush-Up before. How do I order?
From Monday to Saturday between 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm, only two courses (A and B) are available. This is so our customers can enjoy the best food at the best pace.
From 9:30 pm until the last call, we offer not only the A and B courses but also an a la carte menu with items ranging from ¥800 to ¥2,000.
A separate cover charge of ¥500 does apply, but this charge comes with an appetizer tray of three selected delicacies.

Prices do not include tax.


About Enkai Mush-Up

Question: How can I become eligible to use Enkai Mush-Up?
First, you’ll need to get a member’s card from the staff to show you’re a Tenroku Mush-Up regular. After collecting five stamps on your card, you’ll receive a Premium Black card. With this card, you’ll have reached “King” status, which permits you to use Enkai Mush-Up.
Question: Are you often booked full?
We start accepting reservations on the first of the month, and for the first week we are usually full. Reservations for the second week onward are usually no problem.
Question: How many guests can you handle?
Seating for up to 8 guests is possible. 
Food wise, the Happy Happy Course (¥8,800) is popular for its 3-hour all-you-can-drink menu with a wide selection. The Japanese Crab Feast Course and the Happy Happy Food-Only Course (¥8,800) are also popular for their hearty servings.
A la carte drink orders and outside drinks are also popular choices.

Prices do not include tax.


About Strike-ken

Question: When Asshii-kun (the owner, Masatoshi Ashida) is available at the restaurant?
Mr. Ashida is usually preparing for the day until about 11:00 am and working in the restaurant 5 days a week. Click here to see the shift schedule. When he’s not at Strike-ken, Mr. Ashida is working as the frontman for all Mush-Up chefs. Make sure to stop by and say hi!
Question: How often do new menu items come out?
Our seasonal specialties (the “Right Down the Middle” in spring, the “Chilled Slider” in summer, the “Knuckleball” in fall, and the “Forkball” in winter) are available for a limited time on an undetermined schedule. In addition, from March to May we have the Spring Koshien and from June to August we have the Summer Koshien for six consecutive months of specials.
Question: What are Strike-ken’s Spring Koshien and Summer Koshien events?
For three months, three lucky staff members get to fight for a prize of 100,000 yen. The winner is selected by popular vote by the customers.
To submit an entry, customers have to come to the restaurant during the event and get a stamp card. Then, all they need to do is order three bowls of ramen within three months. Customers who manage to vote within those three months will receive a lovely novelty prize.
Question: Is it true that you sell original Strike-ken goods?
Yes, we do! Original goods can be purchased at Strike-ken. Visit our website to learn more.
We also sell limited-edition collaboration T-shirts from time to time, so keep checking in!

About Seishundo

Question: When and where is Seishundo open?
Seishundo is open for a limited time between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am every Thursday and Friday on the corner of Tenroku Mush-Up. Seishundo’s specialty menu only includes Akita Inaniwa ramen.
Question: What is the concept behind Seishundo?
Seishundo was designed to offer only one dish, allowing us to offer the best, most delicious dish possible.
Utilizing a wide range of skills for only one dish means we are able to offer noodles unlike anything you’re likely to find.