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Strike-ken’s Concept

Baseball + Ramen
We give ramen our all – we're confident you'll call a "strike"!

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Strike-ken’s Highlights

More and More Fans Everyday!

Our Regular Customers

  • ● Ramen freaks
  • ● Ramen lovers
  • ● Post-night-on-the-town ramen eaters
  • ● Music freaks

Strike-ken’s History

It all started when I was a little kid, with the ramen delivered from the place next to my grandma’s.

Thirty years ago - I was in elementary school! - I ate some (now extinct) Toyooka ramen and couldn’t believe how good it was. I was in ecstasy, eating it all the time. I drank every last drop! And thus ramen took me captive. The “Tampopo (Ramen Western)” (1985) – directed by Juzo Itami, who’s also from Ehime – left a big impression on me. I couldn’t stop watching it, and vowed that I’d run a ramen place! (I was nine years old.)

It was during Uwajima Higashi High School’s trip to Tokyo: I wandered around what’s still today the Ramen Holy Land, Ogikubo, going to a bunch of places: Haruki-ya, Marushin, Hope-ken, Ramen Kazuki, Ebisu Ramen . . . My engine was revving, and by the time I turned thirty I had eaten ramen at 2,000 places.

In 2012 we experimentally opened Chuka Soba Nunpoko (now closed) in Tenroku Mush-Up, featuring ramen from around the country. One year later I met the ramen world’s star “Iccho Nakazaki” (from Fusukake) and joined the industry after a ramen showdown.

I then opened the “ramen stadium” Strike-ken.

Our intense enthusiasm for ramen hasn’t died down: it hasn’t even fully begun. Come along with us for the ramen ride!
Our passion for ramen will never die!

Ramen-crazy owner   Masatoshi Ashida

Strike-ken’s History & Away Game Record


Kansai W-Title Second Place Award
Osaka Representative @ Shinjuku Dai-Tsukemen Expo
Tokyo Ramen Show “Meccha Suki Yanenzu” (Junk Story, Strike-ken, Berashio)
Kansai Ramen Derby (Kyoto) - Committee for the Advancement of Kansai Ramen

  • Kansai W Title
  • Osaka Representative @ Shinjuku Dai-Tsukemen Expo

Maruesu Shokudo Ra-no-Michi MAX (Hokkaido)
Ramen Girls Festival (Yokohama)
FOODSONIC (Osaka Castle)
Ramen Expo (Oita)
Los Angeles Ramen Championship
Los Angeles Pop-up Shop
Hokuriku Ramen Expo
Hiroshima Ramen Stadium 2015 - Over 6700 Bowls Sold!! (Five Days)
Kansai Ramen Derby 2015 (Strike-ken, Konjiki Hototogisu, Oppai Ramen)
Ramen Expo 2015 - Over 4500 Bowls Sold!! (Three Days)
FM802 RADIOCRAZY - And more: Shizuoka, Saitama, Shonan, Nagano, Fukui . . .

  • Los Angeles Ramen Championship
  • Tokyo Ramen Show

Coming to Our Hometown: Shikoku!

Restaurant Information


5-8-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0041

Tel.: 06-6352-0633

Business hours: 11:00 am – 1:00 am (Tue. - Sat.), 11:00 am – 11:00 pm (Sun.)

Closed Mondays
*Closed Obon and New Year’s holidays (Call for details.)

Capacity: 7 counter seats (first base to right field), 4 table seats (centerfield)
Credit cards not accepted

Tenjimbashi 6-chome Station (Subway Sakaisuji Line / Tanimachi Line)
2-minute walk from Exit 12
5-minute walk from Tenma Station (JR Osaka Loop Line)
181 meters form Tenjimbashi 6-chome Station