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  • Fastball (A Well-Rounded Taste. Right Down the Middle)

Fastball (A Well-Rounded Taste. Right Down the Middle)
Medium ¥780 / Large ¥880 / Tamago (Egg) ¥880 / Mini ¥680

Old-time Kanto region-style soy sauce & sugar fish broth.
With naruto (fish sausage), menma (bamboo shoots), chashu (roasted meat), nori (laver), and shiro negi (white leeks)
Right down the middle, like a fastball. A taste loved by a wide range of customers: men, women, the young, the old . . . Bring back memories of old with this new Kanto-style ramen. Chururin♪. Can be changed to wave noodles. (Specially ordered noodles from Nishiuchi Seimenjo.)

Pitch Data
Noodles: Noodles Ordered from Mikawaya Seimenjo
Soup: Nagasaki Cage-Free Jidori Gara (Chicken Bone Broth)
Niboshi (Broth Fish): Directly Sent from Sukumo City (Kochi Prefecture). Seasonal Blend (Five to Seven Kinds of Fish)
Nibuta: Thermal Cooked Shoulder Roast (Hinan Mochi Buta (Pig) SPF Pathogen Free Pork)
Menma (Bamboo Shoots): Ultra-thin, Completely Fermented Bamboo Shoots
Naruto (Fish Sausage): Ordered From Shizuoka Prefecture
Shiro Negi (White Leeks): Tottori Prefecture Specially Certified Agricultural Product (Certified as Environmentally Friendly Eco-Farmer - West No. 2011-26)
Shoyu Sauce: Specially Chosen Three-Type Blend
Spinach: From Japan
Nori (Laver): Top-Quality Seto Uchi Nori

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  • Sinker

Sinker Medium ¥830 / Large ¥930 / Egg ¥930 / Mini ¥730

Hamaguri paitan (clam white broth) (hamaguri creamy, tori paitan (chicken white broth) soba)
With chashu (roasted port), cabbage, red onions, and hamaguri (clams)
Next-generation ramen! A warm soup that brings to mind clam chowder. With truffle oil. Hamaguri directly sent from Kuwana (Mie Prefecture). Delicious!

Pitch Data
Noodles: Teigaku Custom Ordered Noodles
Soup: Nagasaki Cage-Free Jidori Gara (Chicken Bone Broth)
Hamaguri (Clams): From Kuwana (Mie Prefecture) (2014 Try Shoyu Division Winner, Recommended by Konjiki Hototogisu’s Atsuyuki Yamamoto)
Nidori (Cooked chicken): Thermal Cooked Japanese Jidori (Chicken)
Truffle Oil: From France:
Salt-Based Sauce: Blend of Several Types of Shellfish
Tamanegi (Onions): From Minami Awaji
Ao Nori (Green Laver): Ao Nori from Shimanto-gawa River

Sinker: Toppings

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We use Koshi Hikari rice from Minami Uonuma (Niigata Prefecture).

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5-8-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0041

Tel.: 06-6352-0633

Business hours: 11:00 am – 1:00 am (Tue. - Sat.), 11:00 am – 11:00 pm (Sun.)

Closed Mondays
*Closed Obon and New Year’s holidays (Call for details.)

Capacity: 7 counter seats (first base to right field), 4 table seats (centerfield)
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Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station (Subway Sakaisuji Line / Tanimachi Line)
2-minute walk from Exit 12
5-minute walk from Tenma Station (JR Osaka Loop Line)
181 meters from Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Station